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June 25 2012

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Chicago, Illinois; my city.

June 20 2012

I love her.


when music,

plays in the halls

& women dressed in blue

dance to the beat of

base & drums,

slowly moving, touching,

beneath the walls;

i see you smiling,

i see you shying

away from every little

thing that calls

me close;

for music, when its in

our ears,

wraps around the irregular

hearts, resulting in tears,

shredding down the silence

ive steadfastly built up

over my years.

(& it replaces


sound of music

when the subtle 

whispers of

you sleeping in my

bed next to me

cease to enchant the

marrow of my 


"kiss me," said she, "don't let these little moments slowly pass by,"

June 19 2012

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self reliance, as if the mass 

of black hadn’t said enough,

never fully encompasses 

the missing

and forgetful

sorrows of being. for as 

lucifer once said, stripped of his clothes

and heart:

my lord, this is love

no longer.

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"Apollo-Soyuz 1975 test" Memorial Toilet in Russia

But...Why is Soyuz stuck in Apollo's Ass!?
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Every single fucking day is a battle within myself, a battle to survive until the next.
One day I'll find the right words and they will be simple.
— Jack Kerouac
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&when I reincarnate this time, I want you by my side, but when I reincarnate, I want you closing in--slowly--towards my heart, devoted to you and the cautious raisings of your chest every time a breath is taken.
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Jeff Magnum perhaps said it best when saying, "How strange it is to be anything at all."

June 18 2012

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Richard Brautigan
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Richard Brautigan
from Rommel Drives on Deep into Egypt
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Fabio Leone
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rickling down 

from the early night’s sky,

she can be heard;

calling through the infinite 

space&time which enslaves her,

which embodies her,

which is her (&

     which has always


     softly, mysteriously,


     her eyes,)

for carefully 

descending, surrounds 

the midnight sun;sending shivers

down a spine



for her eyes--onthis

particular night--slowly roll


her head tilts to 

the back of her neck;

&through her labyrinth 

of tears,

              my infallible,

well feed wisdom;

i can be found,

a shoulder soaked in the rain

of her face;

i can be found--

taller than


man on earth;

cooler than my

decrepit toes

curled before the

start of a

gently falling snow (&

in time, i will hearken 

the sounds


a footstep--ortwo)

June 17 2012

june; in the rain

smiling rain faces, --it was,--

singing and a tilt

of heads gently in the

moister, the dew before dusk;

letting the two lovers

of June--on bikes, dressed in blue--

know &

feel together.

mysteriously canny (i noticed

was her touch), 

prolonging a hold on his shoulder

to let him know,

&to keep him

sane despite

all the obvious--&all his

yet to be forgiven--pain.

so my dear admiration,

your closely held


let go,


remove the wry from

two faces,

riding away slowly--i pass--,

and--i’ve known--that

things will never last

as--and being--the


and the skies began to open,

for it struck 

on a sudden lightening

after just a drizzle of


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